Moderna's style is described as a dark heady blend of Techno, Dark Disco, Elektro, and Acid with wrought darkened vocals that has become her signature distinction. Beginning at a young age in a noise band, 'The Static Cult', she quickly fell in love with her passion for an underground unique sound. After several years working closely with Indie electronic label Ghostly International she naturally moved on to her own works, which has gained worldwide recognition and underground appeal. She is sought after internationally with dj performances at clubs and parties such as Womb Tokyo, Rex Club Paris, Kater Blau Berlin, Poland’s Garbicz Festival and Topaz Deluxe, Bar Americas and Sunday Sunday in Mexico. Now residing in Berlin the Los Angeles transplant gained momentum in Europe while working on new productions, touring and focusing her energy on hybrid label and radio show ‘Brave New Rave’ which will release her debut album ‘The Future is Among Us’ in April of 2024. Her discography also includes 4 EPs with Mexican-based artist Theus Mago which are on French label La Dame Noir and Barcelona based label This Side Up. With the latest releases on Mexico based DURO. Amongst several remixes her latest being ‘Bullet Time’ for The Matrix 4 Soundtrack by Tom Tykwer on Warner Brothers Records.