Mistiica is a multimedia artist, integrating visual arts, audiovisual and music, all constantly contaminating each other.

Sound is used as an evocative and provocative media, assembling and evoking music with different heritages using emotions as a common language.

Their sound brought them to have a residency at Spiritual Sauna in Milano as well for gigs in clubs such SKORPIO in SP, funk house BLN, The Glove That Fits London, Spazio Mad Switzerland, Renate, Oxi and more in Berlin where the artist is based. Marking their presence also in radios such as Radioraheem Milano, Rinse FM, Reform Radio etc..

In Her production, space surprisingly changes, distorted notes and alien-like vocals, is how MiSTIICA tells her stories through the ghosts of music that hunts the Earth. Being released on labels such System Revival Records and Program and control (P.A.C.)