Mister Willis

His unique approach and deep-rooted connection to the music make Mister Willis a name to watch in underground music. Throughout 2023, Mister Willis has shared the stage with luminaries of the electronic music world, including memorable sets with artists such as Tasha and Josey Rebelle at Neighbourhood in Fold, the renowned Genau party in Turin alongside Blasha & Allatt, and a standout performance at Spectrum Waves with The Lady Machine in Paris.

Hailing from the UK and currently based in Berlin, he has earned a revered status within the city's electronic music scene. With performances at iconic Berlin venues like Watergate, the labyrinthine playgrounds of Sisyphos & Renate, not forgetting a noteworthy debut at Tresor for New Faces, he's become a solid fixture in Berlin's underground.

Mister Willis is celebrated for his impeccable vinyl blends, reflecting a profound understanding of the dance-floor. His selection process is a journey, ensuring seamless flow, whilst crowd reading, with a striking sound versatility, characterised with fierce selection whether playing house or techno.