Milli (Mehmooni London)

Mehmooni London parties reimagine the Persian house party on soundsystems around the globe. Alongside RONISA, Londoner/Tehrani Milli has crafted a space in fusing eastern rave sounds and tribal music into a space that breathes community, joy and 'Persian Love.' A journey that began with all night long sessions at SOAS, host of musical spirits from Paul Robeson to Nirvana, Milli's time with both YARD Records & ML has given him space to craft a style that goes from Notting Hill Carnival to a Persian wedding and back again, mercilessly digging deep for the treasures of pre-revolutionary persian psychedelic funk, disco to high-energy tribal music of bandar abbas, percussive textures of bouchehr and tehran's synth-wave dream pop discotheque. Mehmooni (farsi for gathering) is the feeling within a Persian house party, and Milli just one part of the feeling. Merci