Miki Yui

Artist / composer/musician from Tokyo, based in Düsseldorf, Germany.With her background in fine art, Miki Yui explores the grey zones of our perception and imagination, in the fields of music, drawing, installation and performance. Her works are shown in Europe and in Asia. Since her debut album “small sounds” in 1999 she is known for her unique minimalistic organic approach to sounds. From a delicate tiny hiss to a distant hum, electronic sounds and field recordings are woven into music with a narrative tension, that are subtle references to existents. Her 7th solo album “APERIO!” is reelased from Hallow Ground in September 2020. She has collaborated with Klaus Dinger, Rolf Julius, Carl Stone and Asmus Tietchens. For Refuge Radio she will present her uniquely mysterious and minimalistic abstract music with field recordings, modular synthesizer and noises, that reveals the phenomena of co-existence and resonances in life.