Mercorn trades exclusively in dancefloor transcendence, as the Dublin-based dj embodies the psychedelic lifeblood of Irish rave history through her joyous selections, vivacious spirit and as member of collectives Tender and Skin&Blister. Megan Nolan is a lifetime member of the rave. It’s a passion instilled in her from young and cultivated through over a decades worth of clubbing in the Irish capital and afar; now, it’s fully realised as a dj through her pseudonym Mercorn. A love of hard house, prog and trance forms the backbone to her sound, where these styles fuelled Ireland throughout its formative 90’s rave heyday, and thus you can expect to hear soaring basslines, giddy snare rolls and non-stop euphoria dominating her sets, with each selection cultivating an unmatched fizzing energy. This has gained her notable attention around the UK and Europe, with notable shows for some of London’s most celebrated Queer parties in Adonis at The Cause, Big Dyke Energy at Venue MOT and Fast & Bi-Furious at Dalston Superstore while also at home in some of Ireland’s best clubs such as Yamamori Tengu, Wigwam, Index. Mixes for HÖR Berlin, Haŵs and Proxima too further her impressive cause.

Aside from djing, Mercorn is an active community builder in her hometown of Dublin. This is most prevalent in her membership of collectives Skin&Blister and Tender. The former is a Dublin-based platform nurturing and encouraging female-identifying, trans and non-binary creatives in the realm of music and the arts. They have been instrumental in diversifying Ireland’s male-heavy presence in clubs, festivals and beyond. The latter is a party for queers and allies founded alongside Bull Horris, Andrew and James. It’s a much-loved collective that runs some of the most raucous and inclusive parties in the city, giving platform to local talent and international acts who all fit their memo. She is also a pioneering independent designer with her MNW Design business, individually handcrafting each item of clothing she sells. She has received great acclaim for her work and garments, proving her a talented multi-disciplinary artist in many fields.