Mavin is not a stranger to the club scene. Born and raised in Warsaw/Poland as a child to an African father and a Polish mother. Aged 6 he joined the famous and prestigious Children/Teen all dancing / all singing Group "Gawęda" (Poland's very own Mickey Mouse club). He recorded a children's "Good-Night" segment for Polish television. As a child, Mavin moved to Berlin(West)/Germany. After gaining a master's degree in Fashion Design and many years working in the fashion industry, he started writing and recording music for various acts. His biggest songwriting success includes writing English-written songs for the Polish electro-pop singer Reni Jusis, for whom he wrote the hits 'It's Not Enough', 'Let's Play Pink Ping-Pong', 'Mixture', and 'Ginger Girl'. The critically acclaimed and commercially successful productions, have proven Mavin’s talent in the craft of songwriting/composing and saw him return to Berlin and focus on his solo career.

After his successful collaborations with the Italian Berlin-based DJ/ House producer Massimiliano Pagliara on the songs “Fade The Light” (from the album 'Focus For Infinity' (LIVE AT ROBERT JOHNSON, 2011) and “We Have Time” from 'With One Another' (LARJ, 2014), Mavin has gained the attention of many producers and labels. He has worked with the likes of Trick & Kubic and collaborated with CJ Bomb (famous for his work with the late club music producer Peter Rauhofer/Club 69) as well as Tyree Cooper, Bobby Starr, Hard Ton, Justus Köhncke, Snax, Eric D. Clark, Argy, Kresy, Vermelho and LeSale.

Groups/Collaborations: Forming the project MANHOOKER, alongside the DJ/producer Guiddo, they released their first 12” EP, titled “Club Anonymous/Wheels In Motion” on Berghain's OSTGUT TON's sublabel UNTERTON in early 2013. The Follow-up singles “Special Deal/Cloud 9 EP (feat. Snax)” on Sonar Kollektiv's 'Based On Misunderstanding' and “Pushin' & Shovin'” on the Austrian label Luv Shack as well as “Heartbeat” on the prestigious Japanese label Mule Musiq have taken the dancefloors by storm and set radio airwaves on fire. They have released their last single “I Am Disco” on the nu-disco/Italodisco label Bordello A Parigi with remixes by Massimiliano Pagliara and BonomoLeMagass.

He is also part of the songwriting-production/remixing team 'BonomoLeMagass' with Snax (Captain Comatose) and is currently writing/producing and recording songs for various artists and has commissioned a couple of remixes under the BonomoLeMagass moniker, which were released on labels like Sonar Kollektiv and Random Records. Mavin released his first solo album, entitled ‘Love’ in 2018, collaborating with many artists incl. Lady Bunny, Adam Joseph, Eric D. Clark, and Deepa Lazercat. 5 Singles with accompanying Remixes from the Album have been released separately. He has also released a single under the moniker Box Office Poison feat. Mavin entitled ‘Elevate’ as well as lending his vocal skills to two Tracks on Unconscious Honey’s Remix Album ‘Loose Beginnings’, ‘Sleepless’, and ‘Exploited Devotion’. His latest Single with the French Producer Electrosexual, ‘Age Of Access’ was released in late July 2023.

Mavin is a resident DJ/performer at Berlin's Schwuz club. His regular stint at the club, called 'The House Of Disco' Party focuses on Disco, House, Funk, and experimental 80's & 90's Pop).

He has been performing worldwide and in almost every big club in Berlin (Berghain/Panorama Bar, Tresor, Salon zur wilden Renate, about_blank, Kater Holzig, Cookies, Ipse, Pet Shop Bears/Kantine am Berghain, as well as internationally performing in Østre (Bergen/Norway), Cassero (Bologna/Italy), La Roboterie (Rome/Italy), Zacheta (Warsaw/Poland), Piekarnia (Warsaw/Poland).