Mattia Onori

Mattia Onori (also HRNR) is a sound engineer, sound designer, electronic music composer, and audio professional in the fields of film postproduction, special audio, and sound art.

Together with Hanna Maria, he is co-founder of Melantónia, a collective of artists working in the field of sound and visual arts adapted to ambient and experimental music. Mattia contributes steadily to its artistic direction and participates in it with his own music production. While studying for his degree in audio production, Mattia has written articles for the online electronic music magazine Soundwall and produced various sound design works for movies, some of which landed at Berlinale International Film Festival. Later in 2020, his name is found amongst the credits of well-known Netflix series, for which he worked as a recording engineer (German dubbing).

Mattia Onori performs and produces melancholic ambient music with organic and dub sounds recorded from both electronic and acoustic instruments. Besides his obscure and experimental works as HRNR, he made his debut with the show 'Innere Unruhe' together with Hanna Maria for the label Vaagner, Mattia and Hanna released also music for Grand River's 'One Instrument' and worked on the first record of Melantónia itself, with remixes by Plants Army Revolver and Feral.