Marteka Fair

Marteka Fair’s love for underground club music — specifically techno — burgeoned at an early age, placing her behind the decks for the first time in 2014. Before long, Fair became a staple in the scenes she frequented, specifically those in Washington, DC, San Francisco, and throughout North Carolina. The eclectic nature of her DJ sets are not a reflection of a refusal to commit to one genre. Rather, they point toward exceptional taste and a uniquely encyclopedic love of club music, which is front and center in her productions and multi-genre mixes. Since 2016, Marteka Fair’s unusual approach — fueled by a combination of her synesthesia and a love for crate-digging — have earned her gigs alongside techno legends such as Perc, Dustin Zahn, and Marcel Fengler, as well as a mini-tour in Lima, Peru, and closing duties at Flash in Washington, DC. Her most recent release, “Maths,” dropped on DC-born label Eklektik Elektrik on December 7th, “and reflects her sonic curiosity and willingness to get gritty with sound” (EE).