Marta Mer

Marta Mer is a Barcelona-based DJ and radio host who made her debut in the Berlin open-air rave scene. She is part of Planet Venus and SinSync, local DJ collectives celebrating intersectional feminism. Although her taste is diverse, on the dancefloor she gravitates towards breakbeat, UK garage, techno, jungle, and electronica - curating high-octane sessions while navigating club music from her unique musical stance. In the past year, she has become a reference in Barcelona’s emerging electronic music scene, playing all over the city in clubs like Nitsa, SOUNDIT, Upload, Sala Vol, Sala Taro, and Meteoro, in addition to the festival BAM - La Mercè and much loved local parties such as Echosystem, Temporary Pleasure and Overtone.

In 2020 Marta co-founded the creative collective badlilyoung - a platform that curates monthly playlists based on a colour, a concept, and a mood - which evolved into a radio show at dublab. She also hosts Casual Encounters, a bi-monthly show on RBL.

Marta Mer is currently making music and working on her first single, which will be fast-paced, big-energy, and heavy-bass.