Maria Manuela

María Manuela is a DJ/producer, artist and fashion designer from Bogotá, Colombia. Her musical style encompasses genres such as Brazilian funk, deconstructed club, dembow and guaracha. However, what distinguishes her from other artists is her fusion of these rhythms with iconic Spanish ballad melodies or voices from the 50s - 80s, and samples of pop divas from the 2000s. This unique proposal has captivated a diverse audience, who enjoys the energy of electronic music and the nostalgia of old-time pop. The artist began to approach the world of music since she was little, thanks to her family. Her older brothers were fans of the raves of Bogotá “dosmilera.” María Manuela began to become familiar with genres such as techno, house, trance and eurodance. From there begins her sonic exploration, which among a growing niche of essentially male talents, aims in turn to intertwine and strengthen an emerging scene of new production companies nationwide.