Mari Boaventura

Explorer of sounds, images and ideas Diggin’ the imagistic sonority of the African diaspora music and its more modern developments. She is a member of the collective AfroHub and ComunaDeusa. Creator of the parties Avec Ma Mobilete and Sounds Of Siririca. Beyond that, she is the founder and executive producer of Pantera Cartel Agency.

She has present herself along side of artists such as, Luana Hansen, Mel Duarte, Rincon Sapiência, Stephanie Roberta, Luedji Luna, Dj Hum, Seu Oswaldo, Buika, among others.

Her passion for black musicality is remarkable in the naturalness with she presents to the audience the diaspora's sounds forms. She has already performed at festivals in Brazil and in countries such as France and Mexico (Carnaval de Bahidora 2019). She makes visual experiments on the festivals, concerts and streets of Brazil. To attentive ears: all creativity and swingue of black music.