Mama Yha Yha

Hailing from the Bay area and now Berlin-based, artist Mama Yha Yha, also known for co-founding New World Dysorder - an internationally established trans collective founded in San Francisco, is a staple in the queer Berlin nightlife scene. She is known to playfully engage with her audience to create an uplifting sense and flirty energy on the dancefloor. Therefore she likes to reference her blends with memorable and still active ballroom culture and the early 2000’s pop era.

Love is a selector who digs a plethora of subgenres including synthesis between techno, American underground club music and ghetto house, that she cheekily combines with elements of bass, noise, distortion, and literally everything in between during her rambunctious sets. A beautiful vibe that ranges in melody and tempo tailored for a seductive club experience.