Lungomare Paradiso

Founder and creative director of Kadmonia, a creative agency whose projects include Gisira Festival, La Barca Ortigia, Derive, Ortigia Sound System, and the management of La Nina. He is the founder, Heritage Innovation, active in the field of training for the development of projects for marginal territories. He collaborates in the artistic direction of Linecheck Festival Milano and has collaborated on creative projects with brands such as Golden Goose, Nike, K-way, Kappa, Carhartt and many others.

The sound of Lungomare Paradiso, as a DJ, is inspired by a long-standing and deep conviction: that certain music, whether Arab, Spanish, South American, Neapolitan, or Sicilian, shares a common, sanguine folk origin. This music is characterized by the necessity of warbling, the almost essential use of voices that are unclear, violent, and sweet, and a certain sense of rhythm, always used within specific melodic turns, as if it were a single song. Another aspect of sonic exploration involves the use of pure sound and ambient music, which transcends geographical boundaries.