Lucas Vazz

Lucas Vazz is a Chilean Sound Engineer, DJ, Artist and Producer, based in Berlin since 2016.

Playing live music since 2003 he dove deep into a variety of musical genres, nowadays specializing in techno, house and sound healing formats.

In 2017 he founded his own label Inherencia Records showcasing Latin American tribes and consciousness, highlighting in its music and collective events the need for justice and inclusion of communities affected by political repression, conflicts and irresponsible environmental destruction.

He is regularly performing at Techno Youth, Culto, Santo Remedio, Espacio 93, Subterraneo, La Vieja Escuela, Vortex, Black-Spot, Inmaculada, Evo Club and is currently building bridges for artists between both continents.

In Berlin he has been playing at KitKat, ://about blank, Arena Club, Golden Gate, Schwuz, Suicide Club, Aeden, Mensch Meier, Wilde Möhre festival and more.

Lucas shared stage with Monika Kruse, Fiedel, Mirella Kroes, Tobias Freund, PAWSA, Marko Nastic, Mihalis Safras, Joachim Garraud, Marciano, Narciss, DJ Raff and many others.

He has released on Super Sound Tool by Fiedel (Ger), Analog Records (Arg), Krill Music (Nor) Broken mind Recordings (Col), Panal Records (Chi), Modismo Net Label (Chi), Leuchtturm (Chi) and INHERENCIA Records (Ger).