Luca Carluccio

Luca Carluccio is a Berlin-via-London-via-Milan DJ, radio host on Refuge Worldwide, and founder of the label and party series ELSI based in Berlin. Hailing from Milan, Luca fell in love with DJing while playing underground parties in the city, refining a style and ethos that underpins his eclectic sets to this day. Luca’s sets can’t be boxed into tidy categories, instead free-associating through styles, genres and tempos, threading together blissed-out Italo with hook-heavy house, acid-kissed electro with cerebral rhythms and heartfelt grooves picked up during time spent in the dancefloors and record shops of Europe and beyond. Deeply embedded in the music industry, Luca spends his days helping !K7 Records license music for their quintessential DJ-Kicks compilation, and his nights running ELSI, a party series that’s become one of the city’s most coveted happenings.