Music needs to be spread by people who combine passion and talent compiling, selecting and presenting it. One such person is Lionza, Dj, producer and cultural promoter born in Caracas, Venezuela and well-known for her impressive and invaluable collection of original vinyl records from the 60s and 70s, containing the roots, identity, rhythms, interprets and orchestras which shaped the Caribbean music of the time, largely produced by the diaspora. Lionza gives her audience an opportunity to dance and get to know these rhythms better, taking us for a walk through the real sound of Salsa, Descarga, Guaganco Boogaloo and Latin Jazz, capturing the whole era. She’s participated in radio programs hosted by radio stations like Radio Cosmo, WDR, Cashmere Radio, Troptopia and Radio Gladys Palmera. She has been invited to be part of the group of Latin American artists participating in the 250-year celebration for Alexander von Humbold at the Humbold Forum at Berlin Castle, and performed at festivals such as Festival Iberoamericano Plataforma, Festival Panorama Colombia, Institut für Zukunft, Karneval der Kulturen and Festival Bucht der Träumer in Berlin, presenting her unique collection in interviews and musical sessions. She is currently based in Berlin, where she works directing the “kitiplas folk-jazz” production company, as well as hosting the monthly “Fania Brava Party”, where she presents FLINTA collectives and international artists. Showing her roots in an exquisite and personal way, performing, promoting musical groups, and giving a stage to the traditional and contemporary music of her country and the whole Caribbean, and thus making her contribution to interculturalism, and the history of Latin-American music, culture and dance in Europe.

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