limbic sis is a boundary-pushing DJ known for her captivating blend of progressive house and mesmerizing acid sounds. With a knack for transporting listeners on a sonic journey, she weaves hypnotic beats, ethereal melodies, and pulsating rhythms into an unforgettable experience. Through her enigmatic presence and seamless fusion of genres, limbic sis invites audiences to surrender to the magnetic allure of her transformative soundscapes and tries to reach every neuron of your system with a good vibes only mantra. Prepare to be transported to new dimensions as you dive into the world of the limbic sistem.

The co - founder of the Berlin based FLINTA* collective and agency Layers recently took over floors beyond the city as at Lighthouse Festival (Croatia), Kaschemme (Basel), Weltspiele (Hannover) or IFZ (Leipzig) as well as very well known locals venues like OHM, Watergate or RSO.