Lenny Posso

Lenny Posso, a born and raised New Yorker, has traveled the ranks of the NYC dance music culture over the past three decades. Relishing in all things house and techno since day one… Starting as a dancer in all of New York City’s famous hotspots in the early 90’s, eventually taking to the decks around 96’. An event promoter and currently label manager of 3 record labels; Thema Recordings, Chronicle Records, and Thema Digital Series.

Spanning across the 3 catalogs, Lenny has triumphantly curated and released over 110 releases with many of the world's well-known and up-coming, underground artists. The labels have set a precedence of putting out some of the most cutting edge, abstract, house, and techno music to date.

You can find Lenny sharing his bold, energetic, eclectic, blend of techno-funk in clubs on his home turf NYC and Berlin, and various other burgeoning global cities. His motivation lies in the pursuit to positively engage the audience with the most current and obscure sounds of today, as well as yesterday. Body music with a story