Leatherette are Andrea, Francesco, Jacopo, Marco and Michele. Formed in 2018, they are based in Bologna, Italy. Their name comes from the iconic single Warm Leatherette by The Normal. Leatherette almost sounds as a mockery of rock music and its aesthetics, simultaneously embraced and refused, ragged. Their music is a potpourri of punk outbursts, jazzy atmospheres and hints of no wave, generating a rich and composite sound, sometimes warm and cozy, sometimes harsh, scratchy and unpredictable.

In 2021 they published Mixed Waste (WWNBB), a self-produced homemade EP, followed by an intense live activity all around Italy (MiAmi, Beaches Brew), Europe and UK. In 2022 they signed for Bronson Recordings, and released their first LP, 'Fiesta', a banger of an album (Up To Hear). A car-crash of jagged noise, twisted love and dark, anguished melody, really well received by local (Rumore, Blow-Up, MTV) and international press (The New Cue, NME), while Iggy Pop himself played their tune 'Dead Well' on his own BBC Radio 6 show. They also released 2 videos for the songs "So Long" and 'Thin Ice'. They are now touring Italy and are ready to embark on a new European ride in spring.