Laura Elle

Laura Elle is a Catalan singer-songwriter living between Berlin and Barcelona. Influenced by artists like Biig Piig, November Ultra, or Yebba, her sonic world oscillates between sensitive and alternative pop, electronica, and R&B, and narrates her experiences with grief, non-normativity, mental health, and nostalgia.

Trained in Psychology at the University of Barcelona, Jazz Voice at Taller de Músics, and Music Therapy at ESMUC, Laura emphasises the importance of the WTF Jam Sessions at Jamboree conducted by Aurelio Santos as a turning point in her musical career in 2012. It is due to the fusion of genres and the space for improvisation present at these jam sessions that Laura begins to expand her musical cosmos and starts to explore herself as an artist. In 2015 she moved to Berlin, where she established herself in the underground electronic scene and founded her band RELATIIV, with whom she released several bodies of work and performs in Germany, the UK, Italy, England, Denmark, Hungary, and Spain.

In mid-2020, Laura felt the need to embark on a new journey and decided to start making music as a solo artist. She received emerging-artist scholarships from Musicboard Berlin and Pop Stipendium, thanks to which she produced her first EP 'Com seria jo' alongside French-Italian producer Telio Margherita and mastering engineer Guy James Cohen.

With this first EP highlighting the intimacy and intensity that define her, Laura returned to her hometown of Barcelona where she quickly gained local acclaim and established a name for herself in the Catalan musical universe. Through invitations to national media platforms such as RTVE, La2, TV3, iCat, Enderrock, La Vanguardia, and many more, Laura fulfills her mission of shedding mainstream light on the topics of fatphobia, non-normativity, and intersectional feminism. This expansive post-release period saw her play at renowned venues and festivals such as Jamboree Jazz Club, Cassette Heads, Queer Bedroom Pop, Sexstories, Double Dip, and Noname, and leads to collaborations with artists like Shorn, Pau Roca, Ferdinando Primo, Alain Gertrand, and more.

With her music, Laura Elle conveys a message of radical acceptance, both of oneself and of life and its complexities, and provides a safe space where the connection with vulnerability, fragility, and honesty is welcome and embraced, and where the density of life is softened and sublimated.