Labelle is at the forefront of a younger generation of musicians from La Réunion bringing the sound of Maloya to worldwide attention. He released two electronic projects on InFiné, "univers-ile" and "Post Maloya" before setting his sights on combining electronics with the orchestra following his studies of composition. His first orchestral work, "Orchestre Univers", was recorded in four sold-out concerts in Réunion.

Labelle's new album "NOIR ANIMA" submerges itself in the darker recesses of the psyche. This next release is a reflective portrait of a soul enshrouded by the darkness of night, inching towards a euphoric morning. Over the last decade, the Réunion Island-based composer has made a name for himself exploring syncretic religion and philosophy throughout his work and, for his fifth studio album, his search for truth has turned inwards. On NOIR ANIMA, we are offered a glimpse into the emotional state of the artist making this extraordinary and dynamic music.