Koscoy is a Dj who is characterized by her selection and versatility that has positioned her as a strong representative of Mexico's techno scene.

Before getting immersed into the decks, Koscoy collaborated in several creative collectives as a Visual Artist allowing herself to explore her artistic proposal through visual communication and mapping.

Throughout her life, she has always been exposed to a tremendous diversity of electronic music which has helped her to build up the foundation to her career as a DJ.

Koscoy is a musical explorer who loves seeking material that allows her to create atmospheres with immersive narratives filled with rare, organic, hypnotic, and profound sounds. She has discovered that these sounds are the key components of her signature rhythm.

Her talent has been recognized on national and international platforms such as Boiler Room, The Lot Radio, MNMT Live streams, Hertzflimmern, and she has shared the stage with DJs like Objekt, Volvox, Resom, Dj Richard, Daniel Avery, Tin Man, Paranoid London, Vladimir Ivkovic, among others.

Locally, she has been active in clubs like YuYu, Japan, Bar Oriente, Bajo Circuito, and raves such as E.X.T., Sunday Sunday, Dance Your Name, Por Detroit, WOMXN, and Pervert.

Nowadays, she has released some tracks with local labels and she will continue working on her own production projects to keep nurturing the world with refreshing sounds.