Konrad Black

Konrad Black is a composer, producer, and sound designer living in Berlin.

Starting out as a DJ in Vancouver, Canada, in 1995, Konrad has dramatically expanded his scope of work over the last 30 years. Today, he creates compositions for electro-acoustic instruments, film and installation work, sound design, and sound art for performance works. Aside from producing music under the Konrad Black Moniker, such as the seminal release Medusa's Smile, and being a co-founder of the celebrated Wagon Repair record label, he has lent his signature production sound to many projects, including the group There In Spirit with visual artist Jeremy Shaw and for Colombian artist Poison Arrow. His visceral immersive sound design and compositional work has been featured in major conceptual installation works, including Shaw's Phase Shifting Index, which premiered in the main hall at Le Centre Pompidou in Paris - Konrad's 4th role as sound designer and lead composer for Shaw's work.

In the fall of 2020 Konrad was game-audio director and sound design team leader on Balenciaga's groundbreaking video game Afterworld. In 2021 he was commissioned to write original music for Replicants at EPOCH virtual gallery. He has also collaborated on two projects with the French artist Sergei Rostropovich; When The Lights Go Out, a 3 channel video installation, and This Corrosion, a single-channel video installation from 2023, both with original music and sound design by Konrad Black.

Konrad's current projects include co-composing and co-producing the music for an award-winning film, La Traviesas, a 3 channel audiovisual installation by Colombian artist Poison Arrow centered around a group of Indigenous transgender women of the Embera-Chami and the Embera-Katio tribes in Santuario, Colombia.