The collective born in Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, is a creative collision of different artists – musical instrument inventors, electronic producer débruit, Makara Bianko (aka the Lingwala devil) and his dancers.

They’re best known for creating a contemporary aesthetic all their own by rewiring and upcycling materials such as metal, cans, engine parts, and plastic containers found in the streets into vital sculptural resonant dance music. Their distorted fast rhythms and spontaneous lo-fi electric sounds provide the chaotic soundtrack for the city's harsh yet abundantly creative realities.

It’s a brand new scene: radical, dangerous, and thriving in a country whose political instability is felt first and most urgently on the streets. In an urban patchwork stretching further than the eye can see, KOKOKO! is the spectacular sonic backdrop: the new, no-holds barred aesthetic emanating from the downtown clubs (in between the government-imposed power cuts).