A raver first, born by the California beachside, Kir began making music at a young age; first pop, and eventually electronic, all inspired by the ocean. After relocating to Arizona for high school, where they witnessed their first desert raves and were introduced to genres like hardstyle and happy hardcore, their eyes turned to underground production styles and DJing. It wasn’t until they moved to Chicago to study music that they began collecting records and investing in gear, and it was truly post-pandemic that Kir had the opportunity to first share their original, tropical-inspired music with the world. Their hardware sets contain compositions performed live on two vintage Korg Electribes (MX), energetically mixing techno with their gritty, old-school, breaks-centric rave productions in a fashion similar to DJing. With a deep love for shuffled beats and syncopated rhythms, Kir’s DJ sets span a similar range and explore the bounds of minimal, UKG, Electro, Breakbeat Techno, and Drum & Bass.