Khadija is an artist, based in Berlin. She is constantly creating new ideas and sounds around the world, but mainly in her new hometown, Berlin.

Khadija was born in 1990 in Pforzheim, Germany, to a Muslim family of Eritrean descent. She grew up surrounded by culture, tradition and music, listening to artists the likes of Michael Jackson, Aaliyah or German girl band Tic Tac Toe as well as Eritrean music (e.g. Alamin Abdeletif, Dehab Faytinga, Yemane Baria), dealing mainly with the country’s liberation or the people’s suffering during the 30-year war between Eritrea and Ethiopia. Thus music, for Khadija, has always been a reflection of society.

Khadija’s sound is boundless, blending countless cultural and creative impulses to create an emotionally captivating whole, presented in English, German and Arabic. Moreover, her music is self-therapeutic, a means for her to better comprehend the world and gain a feel for different realities.

Ideas for many of her songs came to her in her sleep, a result of her processing new information and consolidating memories of past experiences, conversations or impressions. “It’s not about prestige for me. I am a human being first and foremost and that is what I want to represent. I want my art to remain sincere. I rely on my intuition and place my trust in God. The stage to me is the most non-judgmental place there is, the only place I don’t judge myself. More than anything, music to me is a spiritual experience.”