Keldon is a performing artist, singer/songwriter, and creative spirit from Kenya, East Africa. With over 20 years of industry experience, he excels in recording, performing, touring, and conducting workshops. Passionate about the transformative power of the arts, Keldon has performed for charitable causes in Kenya, India, and Sri Lanka with the UK-based Toccata Musical Productions. He has also toured as an independent artist performing and collaborating with other musicians from the USA, Europe, and New Zealand.

Keldon's career highlights include organizing and executing innovative music projects, developing cutting-edge concepts, and collaborating with other artists in the creative process. Skilled in music recording technology, he also actively engages with online audiences through social media content creation. In Berlin, Keldon is part of Black Stage, a brand that hosts shows and jam sessions aimed at increasing the visibility of Black artists.

As the creator and host of the "Rhythm of Sound Podcast," Keldon aims to amplify the voices and talents of Black artists in Berlin. The podcast celebrates their contributions to the local music scene and beyond, fostering greater visibility, recognition, and appreciation for artists of color within the independent music community.