Born in Sapporo city, Japan, currently living in Berlin. Katsuhiko is an electronic music and live set artist. He specialises in deep, hypnotic grooves, a fine blend of Detroit techno, minimal, Ambient and deep house.

In early 2000, He became involved with 'NORDFORM', the Sapporo-based group which propagates music, art and design, and participated in the party organising art activities. While backpacking in Thailand, he met Djumbe and Dijulidu and brought them back to Japan to start to play around. 

He spent some time performing as a DJ based in Sapporo, but he soon began to consider using his own sounds to make people dance and producing music on his laptop in 2003. He had no option to work with expensive analog machines, but the software ‘Reason’ gave him the structure of machines and cabling. There was a cafe called 'CAFETRONIK', 'PROVO' and 'SOSO CAFE' which were important playgrounds in his early days.

He had been playing his live set at Sapporo’s important club ‘Precious hall’. Those opportunities allowed him to meet good friends for his creativity and humanity, like Akufen, Mathew Jonson, Guillaume Coutu Dumont, Jeff Milligan, James Holden, Nathan Fake, Peter, Deadbeat, Stephan Beaupre, Daniel Bell, Steve Bug and so on.

He participated in DEAF (Dublin Electronic Arts Festival), the Irish electronic art event, as Sketch Pad, which was formed with Sapporo producer Waterprotection (sud electronic). That year, DEAF focused on Asian artists and they we're recommended by Akufen. Through the success at DEAF, he worked as a re-mixer for the Ireland label Nice and Nasty in 2008.

He has played several places in Berlin including Berghain Kantine, Wilden Renate, :// about blank, Chalet, Griessmühle etc. and has also been doing parties such as ‘Tokoton Nacht’ with his Partner Yuka since 2005.