Whether as a DJ, musician or vocalist, KATAGYAL is on a mission to celebrate Black music in all its forms.

Her sound as a DJ is distinctively polyrhythmic and bass-heavy, consisting of diverse picks across Afro Electronica, Jungle, Footwork, Techno, Detroit House, Hip Hop and classics from the African diaspora. Since moving from Berlin to Hong Kong, KATAGYAL has played with some of the city’s favourite collectives including Yeti Out, Triple Happiness Club, XXX Records and Y2K. She is also a founding member of MÖTH Agency; one of the only active queer DJ collectives in Hong Kong. Over the last year, KATAGYAL has joined the lineups of international collectives Keep Hush (UK), Eastern Margins (UK), Normiecorp (Canada), and Yoko Yoko (Germany) and made regional appearances in Asia at Arcan Club (Vietnam) and V2X Radio (Vietnam).

Currently holding two residencies at the Hong Kong-based online radio stations FM BELOWGROUND and Eaton HK, she continues to expand and showcase her rich musical repertoire on her radio shows.