Kasia Gościńska

A resident artist of the Berlin SønDER and Rave for Good events and the founder of the szlag initiative, the main concept of which is building a bridge between the underground scenes of different cities and countries.

She cultivated her passion for electronic music in the hometown of Warsaw. After the move to Spain, she converted from a raver to a DJ the moment she started missing the harder face of music in the area she lived. Berlin, the current home-base, motivated her to discover different genres and to go outside of the comfort zone.

Drawn to heavier electronic music, in her club sets, Kasia Gościńska revolves around the sounds of broken & industrial techno, electro, EBM, weaving in some faster UK-influenced breaks, post punk and wavy flavors. Industrial downtempo, experimental and ambient music all have a special place in her selection as well.