Karam Toubba

“Director of Deep, Dark Grooves with a Powerful Atmosphere”

Never afraid to go too hard, his musical selections are his own world. Karam Toubba developed a strong mix of musical influences. Having grown up on Heavy Metal & Industrial, Ambient & Darkwave, Drum & Bass and Jungle, Minimal & Dub... all lead him to find his own love & appreciation for Techno. Today, his way of playing Techno has become into mixes where he picks dark, deep, hypnotic and powerful musical pieces put together for a memorable experience.

A very active member of the music scene in Dubai, Karam Toubba played in various bands as a vocalist. He began his DJ-ing journey playing Drum & Bass and Jungle, moving into Techno as his last move.

Whether he’s playing openings sets for Marco Bailey, Kangding Ray, Alex Bau & Jamie Behan, or closing the night after Oscar Mulero, UVB, SNTS, Tommy Four Seven, 999999999 & many others, Karam Toubba actively kept the dance floor energized at any given time for over a decade.