French but Berlin-based DJ and producer, Juliano has started to amass a true reputation. In his DJ Sets, he fuses music from past to present with a unique, versatile and mesmerizing mixing style. He generously shares music he found in record stores all over the world for the last two decades. His musical knowledge has developed over the years, and, through club culture and electronic music evolution. Juliano brings you to a higher club music experience, gaining the attention of major clubs such as Concrete, Dehors Brut, Tresor, C12, Heideglühen or About Blank amongst others. Juliano has established himself as a promoter and label founder with That Place Records, where he builds a beautiful aesthetic and an interesting back catalogue with guests like Laurent Garnier, Jeremy Underground or Moxie.  Active on his own label as a producer, Juliano writes deep, melodic House and Techno music with an analogue edge ”always turned to the key cities of this music”. He also released recently an EP on one of the major Berlin labels, Mojuba Records, amongst Oracy, Ron Trent or Chez Damier to name a few.