Julianna emerged from the third wave of DJs in Medellín. Since 2007 the versatile selector has been an important figure in the development of her hometown's electronic music scene by being part of various notorious projects.

As an interdisciplinary artist she combines mixing, music production, illustration and activism in order to create new horizons for the electronic music communities in Colombia and Latin America. While being an artist for Medellín based label Insurgentes she’s also a co-founder of ECO and Latitudes, two platforms highlighting the creative and political work of the Latin American electronic music scenes while taking a feminist perspective.

In her DJ mixes she likes to dive in creating narratives, always taking risks going through different genres. Her latest release 'Que si el mundo’ is a co-production with Matias Aguayo on Cómeme Records. It’s a first taste of her future work in sound design and music production.