Joanna K

Joanna K is a DJ, promoter, and vinyl enthusiast, originally from Poland but now based in Barcelona for many years. As a music selector, she focuses on digging the most danceable tunes. Music is for her a source of positive energy and a way to connect with people. As a DJ and music selector, Joanna's mission has always been to spark curiosity and joy in her audience and to open new musical horizons. Her beloved musical themes include funky melodies, old-school beats, and trippy sounds that invite the crowd into a musical journey, which she always builds around eclectic grooves. Together with her suitcase full of musical treasures, she has visited many decks in Spain, France, Poland, and now also the German scene. Her past and present activities include solo and collective appearances in clubs, festivals, and open-air events, among them Razzmatazz, Brunch In the Park, Apolo, Fiestas de Gracia in Barcelona, as well as Chateau Perche and Bel’Air Festival in France. As a dedicated music lover, in addition to being a DJ, Joanna K has been spreading the love for music through activities such activities as organizing vinyl markets and curating a SoundCloud channel, which has hosted many renowned artists, including Marcel Vogel, Javi Frias, Greg Gauthier, Chevals, Madcat, Hotmood, Paul Cut, Matthieu Faubourg, Groove Riddim, and many others.