Jayson Wynters

Jayson Wynters is a DJ that is able to combine many genres in one set and make it work. Wynters was first known as a garage MC in Birmingham, before rising to prominence in the city’s underground radio and club scene. As he got older his taste for music began to mature, his collection began to grow, and he soon began to DJ.

It was in 2015 that Wynters began to really stand out from the rest, with a particular techno legend taking notice. None other than Mr G had found himself a protégé and announced he was signing Wynters to his own label Phoenix G. Mr G’s first release of 2016 was Wynters EP 'Unfamiliar Territories', a 4 track record that is hazy, technoid and threads into deep territories. This is also only the second time Phoenix G has released a record that isn’t from the label founder himself. Understandably, it has taken something rather special for this exception to occur.

Wynters music exemplifies his perspective, and therefore his collection of life experiences. Using music as an outlet for expression, whether in the form of DJing or having fun on some drum machines and synths, is one of the most defining features to Wynters. He continues to fuel his passion by keeping an eye on the future rather than the past and striving to remain different. This has led to more releases on labels like Don't Be Afraid, Ornate and most recently Delsin Records in 2021.