Jaymie Silk

Producer, vocalist, remixer and DJ, Jaymie Silk is a combination of musical personalities, influenced by a double culture: rave parties and the diaspora to which he is linked. Sometimes described as a "prodigy" or "Certified Club King", once resident DJ of the Montreal ballroom scene, his music crosses the European electronic scene as much as the North American clubs.

A daring mix that constitutes an artistic passport breaking the traditions of club and rave music, with a style he calls "Rub Music" for the release of his new EP: "Rub Music vol.1: Artificial Realness" (January 25, 2023 on Pelican Fly).

With his first releases in 2016, his unique style quickly caught the attention of various labels. Noticed by Salva, Jaymie has released music on Frite Nite and has since released several EPs and singles with Shall Not Fade, Fool's Gold Records, Pelican Fly, and more. His EP "The Legend Of Jack Johnson" is listed as one of the best EPs of 2021 by UK magazine Mixmag, and his last album "The Rise & Fall of Jaymie Silk & Rave Culture" is in the list of the best albums of 2022 by Bandcamp.