Jaqee Nakiri

Originally from Uganda, through Sweden, I now have my base in Berlin, Kreuzberg where I continue living close to my art and passion music, and where I also co- raise 2 daughters. Making and presenting music has developed into a lifestyle and is an art form that I respect and treasure much Past works have blessed me with Swedish Grammy nominations, received awards, Played many concerts and brought music to the people. What I know finally realise is how fun it is, being able to add my spice to the much needed feminine and multicultural energy to the artistic scene, and I am also reminded of the importance that we keep representing and creating a world we would love to see. It has always been a topic for me because when I was younger I needed role models and people to look up to and get inspired by, Women who looked like me, Black, female, empowered.

The good thing with music is that it not only offers Audio stimuli, but that you can with intensity if well done, also experience the person behind the sound, through the medium of photography and videography, mediums I very much enjoy playing and working with. You can find more visuals on my Youtube Channel and website, Enjoy the listen and help me spread the music if you like it.