James Hometown

Over 16 years of pushing Sound System Musik in all its forms James Hometown, founder of Hometown Promotion Sound System, is a constant force in Scotland’s bass music scene for over 16 years, especially known for his all-vinyl excursions in dancehall, dubstep, grime, reggae, UK garage, jungle,and dub, as well as his sound-clash style performances with Hometown crew.

James' journey in bass music started in 2008 in Glasgow, where he was deeply influenced by the early UK dubstep movement and sound system culture from Jamaica and the UK. After honing his skills and style with Mungo's Hi Fi and Scotch Bonnet Records, he launched Hometown Promotion Sound System in 2016, touring the UK and Europe with his custom-built bass music sound system and "Hometown Sessions" event. His efforts continued into 2020 as he opened the Raggamuffin Records shop, Scotland's go-to spot for bass music lovers, and kicked off "SOUND" in 2023, a clubnight that's all about Sound System Musik.

“Sound System Musik” is the simple yet profound term James uses to describe his approach to DJing - staying true to the roots of sound system culture and style drawing heavy influence from the early dancehall movement in Jamaica, whilst also keeping a finger on the pulse of the latest rumbles from the UK underground. As part of this James works with a selection of top-quality MCs to hype up the crowd and follows vocal tracks with killer riddims for the vocalists to ride. This blend of old and new makes his sets a journey through bass music, from its beginnings to the present day.

James is all about throwing down heavy multi-genre DJ sets on proper sound systems with talented MCs & vocalists, cultivating a space where bass music can thrive and grow in Scotland. At the heart of it all, James is a true Glaswegian and wants nothing more than for the scene to grow in the city.