Jaime Fiorito

Balearic Beats pioneer, Part-time street food anthropologist and Vinyl lover. DJ with a rhythmic run of multicultural jams intertwining musical lines of Nu Beat, Cosmic, Disco, House and Techno.

Jaime musical journey started by raising interest in the musical work of his father, Dj Alfredo who is renowned as being the pioneer of the Balearic Beat movement in the mid 80’s playing in the infamous Amnesia club of that time.

Jaime grew up listening to the eclectic mix of pop, soul, funk, nu beat, post rock and emerging house music of that time and spent numerous nights sleeping in the back office of Amnesia nightclub to the beats of early US House and UK Garage music that stayed with him until now.His current DJ sets are a blend of leftfield house & techno, disco, African rhythms and seductive Balearic house tailor-made for loved-up dance floors and intoxicated, sofa-bound listening sessions.