INVERNO (no pronouns) means winter in Portuguese, but their performances and productions are far from being cold and static.

Their multifaceted knowledge of music is reflected in their sets, which are enigmatic, genre-fluid, and creative. As well as in their playful and genre-panning productions.

Eager to experiment and explore the full spectrum of Techno, INVERNO likes to blend boundaries between deep/hypnotic and hard/industrial Techno.

Having a natural understanding of groove and harmonies, they weave together tracks focusing on story-telling and rhythm.

INVERNO is the head of KLEM, an experimental label about ambient, lo-fi, and techno. They contributed to several VA compilations with ambient and industrial techno tracks.

In 2019, INVERNO founded BLVSH collective, whose mission is to grow the exposure, peer support, and promotion of FLINTA* talents.