Although Ikonika is best known for her numerous releases on and affiliation with Hyperdub Records, her most recent EPs on DBA and Night Slugs offer a glimpse of an artist ever in motion, light years away from the post-dubstep landscape where she first made her name. While certain aspects of her sound remain consistent – a love of club-friendly rhythms purpose-built with digital flair – the diversity of her interests – pop, R&B, bashment – have become more evident.

As a DJ, Andrew Ryce got it about right in a review for Resident Advisor when he said, »She's a criminally underrated DJ who breezes through whiplash-inducing tempo or style changes.« Musically adventurous, and expertly mixed, but always in the groove, Ikonika DJ sets are up-to-the-minute journeys of the club space now.