Hypnotic Black Magic

Hypnotic Black Magic is a Berlin-based DJ inspired by dark/deep/hypnotic Techno, atmospheric ambient, and ritualistic drums.

(Creator of the event series Art Bei Ton and Ambient Sleepers)

Through their sets, their goal is to create sonic journeys conceived as introspective explorations of human's deepest obscure thoughts, meditative states, and sensual expressions.

Always traveling around, HBM had the chance to play at some venues like Tresor, Griessmühle and ://about blank in Berlin, VENT in Tokyo, Gare in Porto, Vurt. in Seoul, Laut in Barcelona, Ciało in Wroclaw and in many other cities such as Medellin, Tbilisi, Lisbon, New York, London Paris, Montreal, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Istanbul or Athens.