Hailing from the heart of Paris, Guisco embarked on a musical journey when he moved to Barcelona. With an innate passion for House music and an unwavering love for vinyl records, Guisco’s dedication to the craft led to over a decade of polishing his skills behind the decks. The soulful rhythms of House became his muse, guiding him in creating captivating sets. Within the local scene, Guisco’s passion for music caught the attention of iconic clubs like Razzmatazz, La Terrrazza, and Apolo, earning him a place within Barcelona’s vibrant nightlife. Across Europe, Guisco’s enchanting mixes resonated with music enthusiasts in festivals such as Brunch, Chateau Perche, Bel Air, Wyspa, and Leżaki. Guisco’s performances are a fusion of the past and the present sound, bridging the gap between generations and unifying dance floor under the pulse of House music. As his journey continues, Guisco remains committed to sharing his passion and his love for the art of DJing.