A prolific agent of the European electronic scene for over two decades, Belgium-born, Berlin-based Gratts is quite a lot of things - but can be described as just one: a dedicated music lover that makes people dance to his sound. As a dj, he delivers an always-expanding, deep-dug repertoire of quality, soul-soaked electronic music that is firmly embedded in house, but not restrained by any categorizations. His vinyl sets move with powerful determination, all while maintaining an underlying groove that is testament to his Belgian roots. This refined, uplifting approach has made him a frequent figure on discerning lineups from London to Taipei.

In the last few years, he has been flexing his production prowess with a string of enigmatic, magnetic releases under various aliases and projects such as Ca$hminus (with Eluize) and Icarus Traxx to name a few. The records that have emerged as a result span across the time-space nebula of disco and house, with determined licks of something new and different altogether. A listen to any of this output will quickly reveal that Gratts understands what makes people move: trax that are raw, real, ecstatic and never static.