Warsaw-born, Berlin-based DJ & promoter with a mission of versatility and music style cross-overs. The ever-evolving music interests and love for rhythmic variety brought GOŚCIŃSKA to delve into various styles that she blends in her sets. Melting moody electro with groovy techno; breakbeat with 4x4 rhythms or smashing a techno set spiced up with acid, breaks, bass, punk, 2 step, D’n’B is what you can expect. Industrial slow-beat, deconstructed club, experimental and ambient music all have a special place in her selection as well. GOŚCIŃSKA cultivated her passion for electronic music in the hometown of Warsaw. After moving to Spain, she converted from a raver to a DJ the moment she started missing the harder face of music in the area she lived. Berlin, the current home-base, motivated her to discover different styles and genres, to go outside of the comfort zone. Founder and curator of an intimate underground festival in Poland - Sfora. Connecting local artists across borders via her project szlag.