Goldie B

MCing, and DJing. She honed her craft through jazz and electro projects in Paris before moving to Marseille in 2017. In Marseille, she launched her solo nu-soul project 'MBKONG' and turntable alias 'Goldie B.' Her DJ sets are diverse and percussive, drawing influence from UK bass, house, nu jazz, jungle, and breakbeat scenes. In 2019, she co-founded Omakase Recordings and released several productions under both aliases. Her work earned airtime on national radio and she performed at major festivals such as Rex, Peacock Society, and Marsatac. Last summer, she marked a significant milestone with the release of her debut EP as Goldie B, titled 'Nu Area,' on Omakase Recordings. Her new solo live set showcases her skillful navigation between machines, keyboards, percussion, and microphone, immersing you in her eclectic, generous, and authentic musical universe.