GIO (Giovani Goltara, he/him) is a Berlin-based Brazilian producer and DJ. He has had a deep connection with music from a young age, and it has become a medium through which he expresses his struggles as a queer immigrant living in a post-colonial context.

GIO's objective is to make people dance and immerse them in vibrant tropical landscapes. His research emphasises the power of Afro-diasporic and indigenous rhythms to induce trance-like states. Proud of his Latin identity, GIO re-appropriates diverse references for queer dance floors, reinforcing the fluidity of migrant culture.

Giovani's talent for bringing people together and creating unforgettable parties emerged during his teenage years and continued in Berlin. He has organised influential raves and events in the city's queer underground scene, inspiring collectives like Coven and Fogo no Cu.

During lockdown, Giovani's DJ career flourished with popular downtempo mixes on SoundCloud, known as "Tripzinha." His dedication to dance led to appearances at renowned parties and venues such as Gegen, Schwuz, and House of Lunacy.