Carolin Schnurrer (alias GAKKO) is a London and Berlin-based artist, DJ, designer, and instrument builder, producing sensory experiences with a variety of media, from sound performance and installation art to moving images.

Through her collaborative work with musicians, artists, writers, and dancers like KLEIN, AUDINT (Kode9, Eleni Ikon, Toby Heyes), Julie Cunningham, and Haroon Mirza, she performed at events such as Tate Lates, Hyperdub's Night Ø at Corsica Studios, Oram Awards, Serpentine Park Nights, Intonal in Malmö, ACCA in Melbourne, 925 in Colombo, and the MIRA Festival in Barcelona.

In her artistic research, she creates her own electronic instruments that incorporate human skin into her music-making process: Providing a platform for the audience to actively shape and manipulate the sounds she produces in real time by engaging in tactile interactions with one another.

This allows her not only to investigate the potential of healing through the powers of human touch and sound, but also challenge traditional notions of music creation and club experiences – forging a path towards a speculative and fictional future where these connections transcend the confines of borders, culture, language, and other categories of exclusion that we construct.