To host is above all an act of generosity, an invitation made to friends or strangers to partake in something intimate. A home-cooked meal rustled up late at night and served right there on the kitchen table, a jam session that spontaneously unfurls in the living room, or a studio visit that allows a sneak peek of an artist’s latest works - or all of the above. Since 2017 FRAMED has been rescuing the true meaning of hospitality in Berlin’s nightlife by curating evenings where music, art, and friends come together. But rather than uniting guests under the grandiose stages and stiff line-ups of a concert, or the restrained, intimidating white-washed walls of a gallery, FRAMED puts on soirees in the style of yesteryear’s salons. Social gatherings primarily centred around having fun and making connections - art, music, and food being the enablers.

Born in singer-songwriter Yael Nachshon Levin’s living room, FRAMED has grown to take up its own location in Friedrichshain, to later occupy and intervene in third-party spaces such as restaurants, museums, and festival stages. The FRAMED team of hosts has also expanded, becoming a multidisciplinary collective composed of musicians, painters, and all-round creatives. Together, they continue to carefully curate one-of-a-kind events that pair outstanding live music and visual arts – from avant-garde jazz to sensuous R&B, abstract painting to video installations, every FRAMED evening is a unique experience with its own vibe and soul. Breaking bread is also at the heart of FRAMED. Food is not just served as an accompaniment to the art, it is its own cultural expression and gesture of kindness. The food is often prepared by the team themselves and inspired by the culinary and hospitality traditions of Israel, where three of the core team members come from. But it’s neither the Mediterranean recipes nor the artistic programme that takes centre stage during these evenings – the magic of FRAMED comes down to the spontaneous connections made between people and art and the unscripted entertainment that unravels many times till dawn. At the core of the project is a belief that context matters and that by inviting audiences in and making them feel truly welcome, art, music, and conversations can have a deeper impact.